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And I'm really glad you're here!

I'm a data-driven, visually-aligned UX/UI designer by day and a super-villainous ninja by night. This means I thrive on crafting delightful user experiences through beautiful, intuitive design.  And, you know, occasionally take down a shadowy crime syndicate.

I found my calling in UX Design like how a lot of visual designers found their way: I really enjoyed being creative and working with design, but something always felt missing. 

Designing the aesthetic alone wasn't enough for me; I instinctively felt and empathized alongside what the users would experience with the interaction of the end product. I wanted to research and assess the how and why a user liked a deliverable (and not just because it looked pretty), and create something meaningful for them.

Some time later, I enrolled in a full-time cohort to study UX design, and I am! Pretty cool.

So, you want to know a little bit more?

Well, I hold a long track record of creating memorable content, both visually and with the written word that informs this process of mine every step of the way. I've designed everything from brand guides and interactive e-modules, to enamel pins and t-shirts. I've also worked as a medical illustrator, copywriter, and an 80s-vibin' video rental clerk. Okay, that last one was a lie. Maybe.

Anyways: when I’m not busy solving a design problem, I create art and words about art in multiple mediums all over the matrix. I also love to read, play video games, visit film locations, watch horror movies and train in kung fu. (See, I'm a ninja for real.)

I'm currently available for hire and would love to join forces with a team that wants to create something memorable together.